Youth Big Blue T-Shirt

Youth Big Blue T-Shirt

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Meet Blue. Blue is the newest member to the Saint Joseph’s College family. Blue is the one that has been leaving all the blue footprints around campus. Over the past 2 months since the footprints appeared on campus, the college has formed a team of students, staff and faculty to discover who was responsible for them.  The team traced the foot prints back to the lake and after days of scouting they spotted a large blue creature they had never seen before. After weeks of building a relationship with this big blue furry creature from the lake, the team was able to learn so much about this friendly neighbor of ours. The big blue lake monster didn’t have a name! The team decided to call the creature Blue!

Blue has been living in the Sebago Lake out front of campus for over 50 years and Blue has been watching over the Saint Joseph’s College family ever since it moved to campus in 1956. In the past couple of years, Blue’s family has mysteriously disappeared. Leaving Blue all alone, causing Blue to recently explore our campus much more in an effort to find a new family. Once the team concluded that Blue was on campus looking for a new family, the team began working on convincing Blue to become part of the Saint Joseph’s College family. After weeks of developing a strong trusting relationship with the team, Blue and the team has decided it was time to introduce Blue to everyone in the Saint Joseph’s College family.

Blue is new to life on land and doesn’t really know much about what we do here at Saint Joseph’s College. The team compared Blue to young child as they learn and explore all aspects of life. Blue acts very similar and wants to learn all about life as a Monk. The team has given Blue permission to be at all of the great Saint Joseph’s College events and activities on and off campus that the Monks are a part of. So you might be seeing our newest family member much more!!!

As every Monk does, let’s welcome Blue with open arms and teach our friend what it means to bleed royal blue!